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Ian Rankine

Have pipes, will travel - anywhere 
Phone: 860 324 9668
 Ian Rankine or

 All of
New England and 
New York 

Born in Scotland . . . Scottish & Irish music . . Competition Band Piper. . . Variety of Tartans & Uniforms. . . Advice and Suggestions freely offered . . .Will Travel . . .


  Weddings, Funerals, Happy Hours, Educational and Cultural Programs, All Occasions
As many performers as you need - singers, dancers, drummers available
Casual to full dress wear

Experienced, Reliable, Enjoyable Performance - No Worries!!

Click here to open the Order form with performance suggestions and options.
You can print and mail or Save_as and email for confirmations.

  • Here's an entertaining sample of my piping on a national WWE promo
  • Brothers' Wedding Duet video in Middletown CT
  • Water is Wide video with harmony at Aldrich Mansion Warwick RI.

My listing   Comments & Quotes 

Testimonials from satisfied customers

Make your event truly special:
You donít have to be Celtic to  make your celebration RING with the joyous sound of pipes.

Our professional pipers add a fanfare you and your guests will never forget.

For a more  unusual procession, try the Piper and Drummer special !

Costume Options:

The informal look
expert and reliable piping for casual and dress occasions

  For the greatest impact, we recommend 2 pipers marching
 in the Bride & Groom or Guest of Honor at the reception:

This could be you!   Formal Wedding in CT, 7/01
St. Clemens - Formal Outdoor Wedding

The formal look
Bagpiper style and glamour

More Pictures

Bristol Public Library Centennial Celebration
Performing at the Bristol Library Centennial

Annie & John Murphy Wed @ Fairfield U
Murko - Murphy Wedding - Fairfield U





Mariel Kerr,  Wedding, Greenwich CT

"I just want to thank you for a magnificent performance on our wedding day.  It was the perfect way to incorporate my Scottish heritage and everyone loved it- especially me!!  I saw some great pics of various guests posing with you after Joe and I departed for the reception, further adding to the proof that everyone loved your performance.  Thank you.  You played no small part." 

Kristin Harrington   Georgina Shaw's Funeral, Milford CT

"Thank you so much for braving the traffic, snow, and frigid temperatures today.  Your presence at my grandmother's funeral made it such a memorable and special day.  My family and I were so thankful that you were able to make it.  It is a real testament to you that you were able to get the pipes to play so beautifully in below zero temperatures.

Hearing the sound of the pipes made everyone remember my grandmother's life rather than her passing.  I was a nice surprise to hear "Scotland the Brave" as you were leaving.  Right after the services we were all talking about how my grandma would have been tapping her feet and humming to the music.  Everyone was so impressed with how the pipes sounded.  I don't think any words could describe how  much we all appreciated how beautifully you played.  You are a true professional.

If you need any recommendations, feel free to have anyone contact me at:  as I wouldn't hesitate to give you glowing recommendations."

Louis Gaudio / Erika Fuery,  Greenmanville Church,  Mystic Seaport, Mystic, CT

"Thank you so much for helping to make our wedding day a truly special event. Louis and I could not have been more delighted to hear the sound of pipes as we approached the church. We have received numerous compliments regarding our ceremony and everyone has commented about how wonderful the bagpipers were. You are truly a professional and your presence helped make our day an incredibly wonderful and joyous occasion. Please feel free to use us as a personal reference as we would recommend your services to anyone without hesitation."

Tracy Castle / Andrew Newman ,  Kent CT.

"Both Andy and I had chills when you started coming down the aisle to meet us playing Highland Cathedral. It gave me tears of joy. Then as you reached the altar and did a quick turn and started playing Scotland the Brave, we were filled with even greater joy. Both songs were perfect and played so beautifully. It is one part of the ceremony that will stay in my memory forever!"

Amy & Rico Calcitrai, Fox Hill Inn, Brookfield CT.

  "You sounded perfect as you played . . .  You were very professional and nicely dressed, extremely friendly and outgoing, and genuinely pleased to offer you services for our special day. 

Thank you very much for helping to make our wedding day the happiest day of our lives!!  I would like to provide my email address,  so anyone would like to contact me for a recommendation, I would offer one with no reservations" 

Amy & Rico Calcitrai

More Pictures

Piper and drummer
are even more fun!

More Bagpipers are more fun!
Ian & David Rankine
 @ Gavin & Cathrine's wedding
Drawing by GBender

Even babies like my bagpiping!
At a Christening - even babies like piping

  3 pipeteers for all your bagpiping needs

Some of the gang for multiple piper operations

McKinnon's Pub,
Hartford - Happy hour
bagpiper to the bars! 
 Bagpiper to the bars!

 David at The Sunken Garden, St Clemens 
bagpiping in scenic St Clemens, Portland CT
Copyright Elizabeth Rankine

bagpipes?  I dont need  no stinkin bagpipes!


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Ian Rankine - Bagpipes
Celebrations and Ceremonies
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Birthdays + Promotions + Grand Openings + Graduations + Parties + Victories + Bon Voyages + Housewarming + Bar Mitzvahs + Carnival

Weddings, Events & Occasions:

You don't have to be Scots or Irish make your celebration RING with the joyous sound of pipes. Our professional pipers add a fanfare you and your guests will never forget. Make your event truly special.  For the greatest impact, we recommend  2 pipers marching in the Bride & Groom or guest of honor at the reception.*  Select your ideal procession. We also offer the unique sound of quiet live bagpipe music with our exclusive small pipe extra option, perfect for all kinds of receptions.  

Funerals & Remembrances

The mournful yet uplifting sound of pipes provide a solemn and moving farewell for memorials and services. A slow air at the end of the final service expresses and eases the emotions

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 *1 Hour  1 Piper: $300  2 Piper or Piper / drummer discount: $575   
* Minimum engagement is 1 piper, 1 Venue and 1 Activity.  Fee includes 50 -mile travel time & expense plus 1 hour elapsed time for performance.*

 Depending on time or location, additional venues, activities or wait times are negotiable and may entail an additional charge per 1/2 hour:
  1 Piper: $80 2 Pipers : $150

 All pipers attend in regalia (kilts, sporran, etc)  Full dress (Bonnets, plaids, etc.) available on request, weather permitting. 

Additional performers (up to full band with drums and dancers), travel arrangements, and performance combinations are negotiable.

Please call Ian at 860 324 9668 or 860 229 0799 for more information or to discuss the performance. 

*Standard engagement

Choose your performance options from the Order form: You may Save the the completed form pdf as another file name and attach to an email to Ian Rankine or print and mail it.
While we do not require a deposit, you may feel more secure with a confirmation.  If so, print the completed  form,  enclose 1/2 the fee with the order payable to
  Ian Rankine and mail selections to: 
Ian Rankine - Pipers
36 Brady Ave
New Britain  CT 06052 
Balance due upon arrival at the venue.